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Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA


City/Town : Latitude: 40.8337029, Longitude: -75.7138008


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ( ), Catherine  Mar 1877Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I35228
2 Abadia, D.   I64435
3 Addy, J.P.   I9144
4 Addy, M.D.   I9143
5 Anthony, C.L.   I16440
6 Armbruster, A.A.   I63617
7 Armbruster, B.E.   I63616
8 Beige, Albert  Jun 1901Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81788
9 Beige, P.C.   I81789
10 Beyer, A.J.   I70581
11 Bittner, Oliver F.  Jan 1871Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81694
12 Bowman, D.H.   I9511
13 Bowman, G.W.   I10588
14 Bowman, H.J.   I62488
15 Bowman, L.R.   I10589
16 Brewster, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1815Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I75354
17 Buck, Laura Ida  22 Jan 1874Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I82375
18 Bush, C.L. Jr.   I62713
19 Bush, R.J.   I62714
20 Campbell, Blanche Matilda  07 Nov 1885Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81734
21 Campbell, Hattie Violet  10 Nov 1902Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81787
22 Campbell, R.L.   I81768
23 Christman, K.A.   I11728
24 Cortese, A.C.   I62338
25 Daffner, Edward Henry  07 Oct 1873Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I42420
26 Daffner, Elwood  Oct 1873Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I42125
27 Daffner, Mary Elizabeth  10 Jul 1879Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I42438
28 Dreisbach, Catherine  Abt Aug 1854Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81700
29 Drumbore, Alexander  23 Apr 1894Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I2017
30 Drumbore, Amelia  Abt 1835Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I44365
31 Drumbore, Bert A.  27 Jun 1877Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I1751
32 Drumbore, Clara Alice  31 Mar 1873Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I1984
33 Drumbore, Elsie Agnes  14 Dec 1869Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I1982
34 Drumbore, Harry  1876Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I2014
35 Drumbore, Henry  19 Dec 1848Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I43685
36 Drumbore, Robert Franklin  13 Sep 1886Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I2015
37 Drumbore, William Henry  12 May 1871Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I87104
38 Esrang, D.L.   I331
39 Esrang, Ronald William Miller  16 May 1932Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I144
40 Farrell, R.T.   I147
41 Frantz, Albert P.  01 Dec 1904Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81969
42 Freyman, B.J.   I62723
43 Gallagher, Jennie  15 Jul 1872Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I4692
44 Gallagher, William Andrew  11 Apr 1914Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81790
45 Gaumer, Evelyn L.  12 Mar 1909Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81968
46 Gaumer, Florence Naomi  3 May 1907Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81966
47 Gaumer, Loretta M.  18 Jul 1912Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81973
48 Gaumer, Robert H.  25 Jan 1887Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81959
49 Hallman, Carl  02 Oct 1918Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I73032
50 Hallman, D.J.   I73030

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armbruster, Richard Leo  23 Dec 2016Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I155
2 Barry, Raymond L.  18 Nov 1988Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I82530
3 Boyer, Jessie Hester  07 Jul 1981Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I82339
4 Campbell, Carrie Irene  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81746
5 Dreisbach, Catherine  13 Nov 1928Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81700
6 Drumbore, Alexander  13 Jul 1952Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I2017
7 Drumbore, Elsie Agnes  16 Apr 1958Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I1982
8 Drumbore, Harry  25 Feb 1922Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I2014
9 Drumbore, John Alfred  9 Feb 1946Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I87105
10 Drumbore, Rosa Ann  30 Jul 1950Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I86962
11 Drumbore, Trusilla  24 Apr 1911Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I14252
12 Drumbore, William Henry  27 Apr 1946Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I87104
13 Esrang, Ronald William Miller  26 May 2014Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I144
14 Flick, Emeline  16 Sep 1903Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I87008
15 Focht, Grace P.  25 Mar 2000Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81593
16 Gaumer, Estella Marie  22 Nov 1983Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81960
17 Gaumer, Evelyn L.  06 Jun 1983Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81968
18 Gaumer, Loretta M.  23 Jul 1979Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81973
19 Getz, Lillie A.  18 Dec 1993Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I82553
20 Hans, Jurg (George) Adam  1772Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I15823
21 Haupt, Benjamin  03 Jan 1879Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I11341
22 Heffelfinger, Woodrow Jay  22 Mar 1989Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I121
23 Heydt, Nora Alice  22 Mar 1966Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I4656
24 Hill, Arnold C.  15 Mar 1995Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I82220
25 Hill, Harry F.  14 May 1962Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I82217
26 Hontz, Carrie May  18 Jul 1897Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I53693
27 Hontz, Charles E.  1970Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I54394
28 Hontz, Ellen M.  May 1987Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I65539
29 Hontz, Elmer L.  5 Apr 1958Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I65534
30 Hontz, Emma Jane  07 Oct 1942Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I613
31 Hontz, Franklin Thomas  04 Jan 1904Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I612
32 Hontz, Gabriel Clark  22 Aug 1924Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79477
33 Hontz, Gertrude N.  13 Feb 1992Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I65541
34 Hontz, Granville  29 Jan 1907Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I11619
35 Hontz, Henry Clair  2 Jul 1962Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I84914
36 Hontz, Herbert Lee  11 Dec 1951Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79462
37 Hontz, Infant  28 Sep 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I4456
38 Hontz, Isabella Maetta  10 Nov 1937Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I15429
39 Hontz, Joseph Edward  24 Sep 1953Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I614
40 Hontz, Leonard Jr.  27 Dec 1875Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I618
41 Hontz, Mary Magdalena  01 Jun 1899Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79498
42 Hontz, Milton H.  1947Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I9961
43 Hontz, Nathan J.  25 May 1911Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I609
44 Hontz, Paul Robert  27 Dec 1999Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79474
45 Hontz, Sarah Ann  12 Jun 1905Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I11357
46 Hontz, Thomas Wilson  12 Jan 1937Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I45921
47 Hontz, Wilson H.  30 May 1905Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I47679
48 Hrinkonich, Daniel NMN  Apr 1992Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I26809
49 Hummel, Sharon  23 Jul 1994Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I82109
50 Keck, George W.  15 Jan 1969Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I82224

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ahner, Christiana H.  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I27096
2 Bartholomew, Annie Elizabeth  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I137
3 Campbell, Ella Jane  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I11595
4 Drumbore, Alexander  17 Jul 1952Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I2017
5 Drumbore, Elsie Agnes  19 Apr 1958Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I1982
6 Drumbore, Elwin  3 Jul 1916Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I16118
7 Drumbore, Henry  12 Oct 1928Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I43685
8 Drumbore, Rosa Ann  2 Aug 1950Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I86962
9 Drumbore, Trusilla  28 Apr 1911Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I14252
10 E, Mildred  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I84283
11 Focht, Amandus  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81478
12 Gallagher, John  28 Feb 1910Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I76904
13 Gallagher, Michael  12 Feb 1910Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I76901
14 Gallagher, Sallie  28 Apr 1924Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I4470
15 Gallagher, Susan  15 Jul 1935Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I4693
16 Gaumer, Estella Marie  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I81960
17 Graver, Francis E  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I84913
18 Grow, Minnie S  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I84915
19 Hallman, Carl  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I73032
20 Hallman, Ruth M.  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I73031
21 Hess, Catherine Margaret  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I4628
22 Hontz, Bertram George  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79472
23 Hontz, Carrie May  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I53693
24 Hontz, Catherine  14 Mar 1902Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I11620
25 Hontz, Elmer L.  8 Apr 1958Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I65534
26 Hontz, Emma Jane  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I613
27 Hontz, Franklin Thomas  08 Jan 1904Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I612
28 Hontz, Gabriel Clark  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79477
29 Hontz, Gertrude  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I54383
30 Hontz, Gertrude N.  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I65541
31 Hontz, Gordon F.  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79482
32 Hontz, Granville  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I11619
33 Hontz, Henry Clair  5 Jul 1962Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I84914
34 Hontz, Herbert Lee  15 Dec 1953Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79462
35 Hontz, Infant  30 Sep 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I4456
36 Hontz, Isabella Maetta  13 Nov 1937Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I15429
37 Hontz, Joseph Edward  26 Sep 1953Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I614
38 Hontz, Leonard Jr.  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I618
39 Hontz, Lillie Mae  13 Jun 1946Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I1887
40 Hontz, Moses  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I9682
41 Hontz, Nathan J.  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I609
42 Hontz, Paul Robert  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79474
43 Hontz, Pearl Irene  25 Jul 1930Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I65535
44 Hontz, Raymond Jonas  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79488
45 Hontz, Samuel S.  11 Nov 1947Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I65533
46 Hontz, Thomas Wilson  14 Jan 1937Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I45921
47 Hontz, Walter N.  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I15431
48 Hontz, William  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I9681
49 Hontz, William  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I623
50 Hontz, William B  27 Sep 1926Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I86851

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Alternate Born Date

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate Born Date    Person ID 
1 Hontz, Lillian Pauline  10 Feb 1910Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79481
2 Moulthrop, Annetta May  13 Nov 1876Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I163
3 Moulthrop, William Henry  23 Jan 1906Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I70


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 Hontz, Carrie May  21 Oct 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I53693
2 Hontz, Ella Caroline  01 May 1881Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79502
3 Hontz, Gabriel Clark  19 Jul 1883Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79477
4 Hontz, Mabel Adella  27 Jun 1878Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79501
5 Hontz, William Dilcher  14 Feb 1886Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79499
6 Moulthrop, Robert Ambrose  01 Nov 1882Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I9799


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Drumbore, Clara Alice  10 Sep 1873Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I1984
2 Hontz, Anna Marie  19 Mar 1899Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I86870
3 Hontz, Arthur Clayton  29 Oct 1889Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I86866
4 Hontz, Bertram George  29 Oct 1897Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79472
5 Hontz, Eva Naomi  10 Jun 1894Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79427
6 Hontz, Florence May  19 Jun 1892Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I54379
7 Hontz, Floyd Chriscilla  22 Jul 1888Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79503
8 Hontz, Harry Samuel  08 Nov 1890Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I65536
9 Hontz, Herbert Lee  14 Jan 1894Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79462
10 Hontz, Jennie May  24 Sep 1899Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79428
11 Hontz, Lillian Pauline  06 Mar 1910Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79481
12 Hontz, Lucy Luela  26 Aug 1890Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I86868
13 Hontz, Mary Magdalena  22 Sep 1895Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79498
14 Hontz, Nathan Raymond  20 Jun 1897Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I72957
15 Hontz, Pearl Irene  08 Nov 1890Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I65535
16 Hontz, Rachel Irene  1 Jul 1906Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I4421
17 Hontz, Russell Warren  22 Mar 1908Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79480
18 Hontz, Warren James  13 Dec 1891Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79504
19 Melber, Geraldine Elizabeth  8 Sep 1918Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I53677
20 Moulthrop, Anna Margurerite  03 Sep 1893Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I9322
21 Moulthrop, Charles Warren  30 Mar 1885Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I14191
22 Moulthrop, Granite Thomas  05 Sep 1904Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I65529
23 Moulthrop, Helen Anna May  23 Jan 1910Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I69
24 Moulthrop, Mable Luella  14 Nov 1891Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I14719
25 Moulthrop, Martin Paul  24 Jul 1901Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I4232
26 Moulthrop, Marvin Harrison  15 Dec 1907Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I67
27 Moulthrop, Marvin Henry  15 Feb 1897Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I4201
28 Moulthrop, Morris Marvin  29 Sep 1882Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I13495
29 Moulthrop, Sarah Elizabeth  02 Jul 1896Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I86841
30 Moulthrop, William Henry  26 Apr 1906Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I70


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ( ), Emily  03 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I86840
2 Ahner, Christiana H.  04 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I27096
3 Bennett, Bertha  11 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I54395
4 Boyer, Alice Catherine  18 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I82519
5 Dreher, Ellen  09 Jul 1870Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I1889
6 Drumbore, Elsie Agnes  09 Jul 1870Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I1982
7 Drumbore, Nathan  09 Jul 1870Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I44361
8 Drumbore, Trusilla  11 Jul 1870Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I14252
9 Drumbore, Trusilla  05 Jun 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I14252
10 Drumbore, Trusilla  07 Jun 1900Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I14252
11 Drumbore, Trusilla  28 Apr 1910Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I14252
12 E, Mildred  11 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I84283
13 Fenstermacher, Catherine  09 Jul 1870Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I181
14 Friend, Elnora  01 Jun 1900Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I85210
15 Hess, Catherine Margaret  14 Jun 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I4628
16 Hontz, Alfred  05 Jun 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I47680
17 Hontz, Alice Alberta  05 Jun 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I9302
18 Hontz, Amanda Jane  13 Jul 1870Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I58
19 Hontz, Arthur Clark  23 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I86847
20 Hontz, Benjamin Bartholomew  15 Oct 1850Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I86958
21 Hontz, Bertram George  10 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79472
22 Hontz, Charles E.  15 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I54394
23 Hontz, C.   I86842
24 Hontz, Emma Jane  13 Jul 1870Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I613
25 Hontz, Emma Jane  04 Jun 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I613
26 Hontz, Franklin Thomas  13 Jul 1870Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I612
27 Hontz, Franklin Thomas  04 Jun 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I612
28 Hontz, George Alfred  13 Jul 1870Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I611
29 Hontz, George Alfred  04 Jun 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I611
30 Hontz, Gordon F.  11 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79482
31 Hontz, Henry Clair  18 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I84914
32 Hontz, Henry Pierce  04 Jun 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I15428
33 Hontz, Herbert  01 Jun 1900Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I85211
34 Hontz, Ida  05 Jun 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I47678
35 Hontz, Isabella Maetta  04 Jun 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I15429
36 Hontz, James  05 Jun 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I47677
37 Hontz, Joseph Edward  13 Jul 1870Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I614
38 Hontz, Joseph Edward  04 Jun 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I614
39 Hontz, Joseph Edward  21 Apr 1930Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I614
40 Hontz, Joseph Edward  20 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I614
41 Hontz, Marjorie Leila  10 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79476
42 Hontz, M.   I79485
43 Hontz, Mary Ellen  23 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79484
44 Hontz, Mildred Elizabeth  10 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79475
45 Hontz, Milton H.  02 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I9961
46 Hontz, Nathan J.  13 Jul 1870Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I609
47 Hontz, Nathan J.  04 Jun 1880Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I609
48 Hontz, Nathan J.  01 Jun 1900Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I609
49 Hontz, Paul Robert  10 Apr 1940Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79474
50 Hontz, R.   I86839

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact    Person ID 
1 Hontz, Nathan J.  19 Apr 1905Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I609
2 Markley, Ida Edna  30 Jan 1906Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I63


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 McLean, Rutherford Bruce  Sep 1918Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I602

Occupation II

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation II    Person ID 
1 Serfass, C.A.   I140

Tombstone Photo

Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tombstone Photo    Person ID 
1 Drumbore, Henry  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I43685
2 Hontz, Ammon  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I9589
3 Hontz, Bertram George  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79472
4 Hontz, Carrie May  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I53693
5 Hontz, Franklin Thomas  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I612
6 Hontz, Gabriel Clark  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79477
7 Hontz, Gordon F.  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79482
8 Hontz, Granville  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I11619
9 Hontz, Herbert Lee  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79462
10 Hontz, Joseph Edward  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I614
11 Hontz, Leonard Jr.  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I618
12 Hontz, Lillie Mae  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I1887
13 Hontz, Moses  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I9682
14 Hontz, Nathan J.  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I609
15 Hontz, Paul Robert  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79474
16 Hontz, Raymond Jonas  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79488
17 Hontz, Walter N.  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I15431
18 Hontz, William  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I623
19 Hontz, William Dilcher  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I79499
20 Hontz, Wilson H.  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I47679
21 Markley, Ida Edna  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I63
22 Moulthrop, Ida Irene  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I15629
23 Moulthrop, Jeremiah Truxton  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I14398
24 Moulthrop, Morris Marvin  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I13495
25 Moulthrop, William Henry Harrison  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I13594
26 Walk, George W.  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I83528
27 Walk, Lucy Ann  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I610
28 Walk, Mary  Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA I83509


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Addy / Serfass   F146
2 Billman / Hontz  19 Nov 1904Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F32579
3 Bowman / Cortese   F5366
4 Bowman / Heffelfinger   F125
5 Bush / Zellner   F139
6 Frantz / Hontz  04 Jun 1892Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F32570
7 Fredericks / Heffelfinger   F129
8 Gaumer / Markley  26 Mar 1906Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F30938
9 Haupt / Klotz   F655
10 Haupt / Rabenold  Abt 1875Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F5651
11 Heffelfinger / Steigerwalt   F128
12 Hnatow / Heffelfinger   F134
13 Hontz / Friend  2 Oct 1898Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F31947
14 Hontz / Grow  15 Sep 1906Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F31851
15 Hontz / Lapp  06 Jul 1889Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F401
16 Hontz / Moulthrop  25 Aug 1887Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F7307
17 Hontz / Schoch  Mar 1891Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F403
18 Hontz / Schultz  27 Mar 1887Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F5099
19 Hontz / Shoemaker  20 Oct 1892Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F7209
20 Horne /   10 Apr 1889Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F32677
21 Isenberg / Laviolette   F4876
22 Kauffman / Hontz  22 Sep 1895Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F20559
23 Keck / Sheffield  Abt 1926Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F31039
24 Keck / Solt  Abt 1939Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F31040
25 Klotz / Nothstein   F658
26 Little / Bowman   F23951
27 Markley / Haigh   F12315
28 Meitzler / Moulthrop  03 Jun 1915Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F32634
29 Meitzler / Nick   F30864
30 Mooney / ( )   F27813
31 Mooney / Melber   F116
32 Moulthrop / Drumbore  27 Aug 1865Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F6522
33 Moulthrop / Lauer   F7760
34 Moulthrop / Markley  27 Apr 1905Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F84
35 Moulthrop / Rhoads   F7964
36 Moulthrop / Serfass  04 Dec 1892Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F6523
37 Moulthrop / Van Scoter  22 Dec 1906Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F3596
38 Neeb / Wentz   F24040
39 Nothstein / ( )  Abt 1770Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F7075
40 Paff / Markley  Jun 1898Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F31133
41 Rex / Moulthrop  07 Dec 1895Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F4925
42 Ruch / Hrinkonich   F5590
43 Seltzer / Solt   F11714
44 Serfass / Stauffer   F5763
45 Serfass / Williams   F5837
46 Stemmel / Moulthrop  23 Dec 1896Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F4924
47 Yehl / Drumbore   F653
48 Young / Moulthrop  19 Jun 1902Lehighton, Carbon Co., PA F160
49 Youse / Heffelfinger   F130